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Harry, wake up! Come on, Harry, wake up! Happy Christmas, Harry. Oh, my mum made it. Looks like you’ve got one too.

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“Allison Argent was, for a few reasons, one of the most important TV characters in teen soap history. Her origins, her arc, and her tragic death may as well be Teen Wolf’s thesis statement. A woman who began as a dewy, know-nothing, romantic lead and who functioned primarily as a tool to cause growth in our hero suddenly became strong, independent, and fully realized on her own terms. She was Teen Wolf’s statement about how we are all more than our romantic aspirations, how growth is an independent endeavor, and how love means much more than than intermittent hookups. […] Allison went it alone, but she was still there for the people she loved. She entered as a love interest and went out as a hero. Allison Argent is important.” (x)

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Top 20 Teen Wolf episodes → Number 15: Silverfinger 

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You’re gonna make enemies. People will get hurt. Sometimes the people closest to you. So I want you to promise me something, okay? Leave Gwen out of it. Promise me that.

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they call themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy

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Don’t look at me. I do what he does - just slower.

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clintromanovs asked → clint’s arrows or steve’s shield

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you put the condom on your dick
but you don’t actually do any fucking
it’s a metaphor
I can’t get laid

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"If you’re gonna fight a war, you’ve gotta wear a uniform."

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Make me choosethearcherballet asked: Scott McCall or Derek Hale?

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